A credit card known as the Military Star Card is used by military personnel when switching bases. To qualify for the card, you must be an active or retired military member, reservist, or family member eligible for military purchase benefits. All service exchanges and exchange websites accept the Military STAR card as payment.Military-Star-Card_

Military Star Cards are only available to military personnel and their families. This card comes with a line of credit to help you meet your financial needs, including everyday purchases or purchases specific to the military lifestyle. Registration is required to use the service offered by this card.

Steps To Register For Military Credit Card

  • You can find out more information about the Military Star Card. You can do so by visiting the website. Follow this link to register:
  • On the home page of the website, click on the Login menu.
  • Do you see a “register here” link under the word “New to MyECP”? Please register here. ยป Click on this link.
  • The registration page opens when you click the “register here” link.
  • To validate your Military Star Card, enter the following information on the website registration page:
    • Card number
    • Expiration date (month and year the card expires)
    • security code
    • social Security number
    • Birth date
  • After validating your card credentials, enter the chain code on your registration form and click ‘Continue.’
  • After creating your credentials, you must confirm them.
  • Then click “Next” and answer the security questions.
  • You must verify your registration information to register for a Military Star Card.

How Does The Military Star Card Work?

The Military Star Card is similar to any other line of credit. There is an application process to confirm eligibility. Once this information is available, the ECP will contact you with a proposed line of credit.

Of course, the main exception to the Military Star Card compared to other credit cards is that you must represent a United States Armed Forces member. ECP said its mission is to become the single card solution for all post-credit purchases.

A flexible line of credit terms helps service members and their families obtain secure credit. The various discounts and benefits offered by the card are also worth mentioning.