A private label credit card, known as a Military Star Card, is offered by the Exchange Credit Service (ECP) and administered by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES). It offers an APR of 10.99 APR, no annual fees, no overage or late fees, and a percentage discount on the services of certain publicly traded companies that are part of the exchange. It is only valid in stores operated by the exchange for which this card is valid.Military-Star-Card_ It is important to note that the Military Star Card is only available to military personnel and their families. With this card, you can use a flexible line of credit to meet your daily financial needs, whether for everyday shopping or a military lifestyle. In addition to these benefits, it offers several other benefits that I have listed below.

Benefits Of Using Military Star Cards

Credit Reporting

Major credit bureaus receive a report of your Military Star Card payment history against the card. You can use this to build your credit while you are an active military member.

Authorized Users

You can add authorized users to your map. Applicants must be eligible dependents as defined by the Department of Defense and must be at least 18 years of age and have current exchange rights. It allows authorized users to make payments on your behalf and get the most out of your card.

Military Clothing Plan Purchases

You can make these purchases at 0% APR. Special interest waivers are available for this plan only. Base military clothing stores offer 0% APR on purchases up to $500. However, military clothing and equipment supplied by other vendors are not eligible for this plan.

There Is No Connection Between Your Credit Score And Your Interest Rate

While your credit score determines whether you qualify for the card, it does not affect your interest rate. Regardless of the borrower’s credit rating, all Military Star Card borrowers pay the same interest rate.