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The credit cards issued to service members and their families are known as Military Star Cards. You can apply for this card if you are on active duty or retired from the armed forces. This card offers various discounts and supports long-term community military programs.Military-Star-Card_ A Military Star credit card member has access to many AAFES flagship stores, including bx exchange (Base Exchange), px exchange (Post Exchange), NEX (Navy Exchange), and MCX (Marine Corps Exchange).

As an alternative to online shopping, you may use your Military Star credit card on the AAFES online store in the same way as on the physical store with Military Star credit cards.

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A credit card helps members establish or rebuild responsible credit over time by offering reasonable rates and flexible terms. Star AAFES cards offer rewards, cashback, and redeemable points that can be used as a gift or account credit, depending on the type chosen. You can use and manage the Military Star credit card through the Exchange Credit Program (ECP).

How To Register For Your Card At

Here are the steps to register for a Military Star Card:

  • Visit the Military Star Card website to register. To apply, follow this link:
  • You can navigate the Aafes Star Card homepage by clicking on this link.
  • On the home page of the website, click on the Login menu.
  • Do you see a “register here” link under the word “New to MyECP”? Please register here. » Click on this link.
  • Click the Register Here link to open the registration page.
  • On the website registration page, enter the details asked in the form to validate your Military Star Card.
  • After validating your card credentials, enter the chain code on your registration form and click ‘Continue.’
  • Then create your access data for your future Myecp Login and confirm them.
  • After creating your access data, click “Next” and answer the security questions.
  • Confirm your registration information to register for the Military Star Card.

Application Procedure For Your Military Card

The steps to apply for the military card are as follows:

  • Go to the military card website ( to apply.
  • From the website homepage, scroll down and click Apply Now.
  • You have two options to apply for the card. Click “Military Star” to apply for the Military Star Card in these options.
  • Enter your details below:
    • First Name
    • MI
    • Last name
    • Suffix
    • Social Security Number
    • Birth Date


  • Then enter your current residential address, city, state, zip code, and residence time in your current address (in years and months).
  • Enter your total monthly income and employment information (e.g., current employer, years of service at current employer)
  • Enter your mother’s name and the monthly mortgage or rent payment.
  • Enter your contact information (such as your email address and cell phone number).
  • After entering your data, read the conditions of participation in the registration form.
  • Check the box: “I have read and agree to the account opening information and terms and conditions above.
  • After that, enter the specified string in the form and check the “Agree” box.
  • Click “Submit Request.”

Guide To Military Star Card Login

To proceed with Military Star Card Login, follow these steps:

  • Please follow the link: to start the Myecp login process (Military Star Card login).
  • Click on the “Log In” menu in the upper right corner of the site.
  • Clicking the “Log In” menu will take you to the Military Star Card login page.
  • Enter your User ID and Password.
  • You can check the “Remember User ID” box so you don’t have to re-enter your credentials, as they will automatically appear in the future when you open the Myecp login page.


  • After entering your access data, click on “Login.” And your military star map login process will be successful.

Requirements For Military Star Card Login

  • It is necessary to have one of the following electronic devices to Login for the Military Star Card:
    • Smartphones
    • Personal Computers
    • Laptops
    • IPads
    • Tablets
  • You can use any of your Internet browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, etc.) at home to log in.
  • You must have the User ID and Password for the Military Star Card login task.
  • Your location must have a good internet connection.

Reset Your User-ID And Password For Myecp Login

Follow these steps to reset your Military Star Card credentials:

  • Open your internet browser and type or click on the following link:
  • On the website, click the “Log In” menu.
  • The “Login” button redirects you to the Myecp login portal.
  • If you forgot your User ID,
    • Click the link under “I forgot my user ID.”
    • Enter your last name, the last five digits of your CPF, and your date of birth.
    • After that, enter the code provided in the User ID Reset form.
    • Click “Validate” and follow the remaining steps to reset your myecp Login.
  • If you forgot your password,
    • Click on the “Forgot my password” link.
    • Enter your User ID, the last five digits of your social security number, and your date of birth.
    • Enter the code provided in the form to reset your password.
    • Click “Validate”
  • Here is a step-by-step guide to the process of resetting your password.

Troubleshooting Guide For Military Star Card Login

  • The service is only helpful if you have a good internet connection.
  • Keep your passwords private so the information you use to log in is secure.
  • The Caps Lock key on the keyboard must be closed.
  • Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies if none of these methods work.
  • Before proceeding, please disable your VPN.
  • It is up to you to recover those who have forgotten their login details.

Options For Military Star Card Payment

Online Military Star Card Payment 

Paying via is simple and secure. To pay online through the website, you need to follow these steps:

  • You need to visit the official website.
  • Visit your account now to log in.
  • Select “Pay with Military Star Card” on your dashboard.
  • Fill in the billing information to pay bills with the Military Star Card.

Military Star Card Payment By Phone

To Pay Military Star Card bills by phone, you must call the Credit Exchange Program Center using the Military Star Card phone number: 1-877-891-7827.

Pay Military Star Card Bills By Mail

If you wish to pay by post, you can pay via a local exchange or by post by sending the payment to the following address:

The Exchange

PO Box 740890

Cincinnati, OH 45274-0890

Note: Please include your 16-digit account number on the check if you pay by mail.

Features And Benefits Of Star Card Used By Military

Credit Score Does Not Affect Interest Rate

Undoubtedly, your credit rating will affect your card approval; However, this does not affect the interest rate you receive. Regardless of the borrower’s credit score, all borrowers are eligible for a one-time fee on the Military Star Card.

Save On The First Day

If your account is approved, log in and receive a 10% discount on your first purchase. After the credit, a credit will appear on your first monthly statement.

A Commissary Can Use It

Base Commissioners offer great perks, and you can use your Military Star Card to shop. While not a big deal for many, it is great for veterans and caregivers with disabilities who have recently had access to currency exchange, commissary, and MWR facilities. The new law requires veterans with disabilities to pay an additional 1.9% fee for purchases made with a credit card (to cover bank charges the commissioner pays for these transactions). You don’t have to pay for purchases made with My Star Card for military personnel.

Rewards And Discounts For Military Cardholders

Military Star Card holders can receive the following rewards and discounts when using the card:

  • You can earn two points per dollar at exchange offices and resort hotels in the Armed Forces Recreation Center.
  • The bonus points layout is the same for all three exchanges. You can shop at:,, and
  • In addition to food courts and express outlets, you can accumulate vendor points in malls and other outlets.
  • Rewards Program participants must have a checking account to be eligible. Upon approval of your account, reward points will accumulate.
  • Two thousand points on one check will earn you a $20 MILITARY STAR Rewards Card.
  • It has a conversion rate of $1 in rewards for every $50 spent, or 2% in rewards.
Official SiteMilitary Star Card
Portal TypeLogin
CountryUnited States Of America
Managed ByArmy and Air Force Exchange (AAFES)

Customer Service Centre

The Credit Exchange Program establishes Military Star Card Customer Service Centers for service members who need help resolving their Star Card. Military Star Customer Service Center helps customers register, apply, Login, reset credentials, benefits, features, mobile apps, rewards, discounts, and more. Email, phone, and chat are ways to get in touch. Any time you have a question or complaint about your Star Card Military, you can contact Military Card customer service at the following number:

Customer Service Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-877-891-7827 (STAR)

Email: [email protected]

Fax Number: 1-214-465-2702

Mailing For Military Star Card Payment:

The Exchange

PO Box 740890

Cincinnati, OH 45274-0890

Customer Service Mailing Address:

Exchange Credit Program

PO Box 650410

Dallas, TX 75265-0410

About Military Star Card

The Military Star credit card offers a variety of benefits for military personnel and their families. Apart from military companies, credit card is not accessible to anyone. You must join the country’s army if you want that credit card. This credit card is helpful for financial needs, including everyday shopping.Military-Star-Card-Financing(1)

This credit card offers members reasonable fees and flexible terms that help build or rebuild responsible credit over time. Depending on the type of AAFES Star card you choose, you can earn valuable rewards, cash back, or redeemable points that can be used for statement credit or to purchase gifts.

You must be a member of the military to use this card, just as you would a regular bank-issued credit card. For example, you can use the Military Star card on military exchanges and installations, Army and Air Force shopping malls, food courts, Armed Forces Recreation Center hotels, and online at and

Military Star Mobile App For Cardholders

All professional soldiers have their smartphones in hand to use their bank cards. Thanks to the introduction of smartphones, tablets, and iPads, users can use their credit cards online. Many financial institutions that offer credit cards are launching their mobile app for credit card customers. The Military Star Card has its mobile app, the MILITARY STAR Mobile App.

Army and Air Force Exchange Service features this phone on Google Play Store and Apple Stores. You can install this app on your Android or Apple devices. It is free for all device users with Android and Apple versions. You can install this app on your smartphones, tablets, and iPads from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Military Star mobile app features are as follows:

Quick Access

If your device supports Touch ID and Face ID, you can quickly log in (available on compatible devices).

Manage Your Account

  • You can check your available balance.
  • Track your expenses and view your spending history
  • You can view and track your reward points.


Military Star Offers

Take advantage of Military Star offers and learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Update My Mailing Address?

  • Log into your account (new users must register)
  • Choose Update Contact Information from Manage Account.
  • Edit your information and select “Update Information.”

How Does My Payment Cover All Plans?

Upon your request and subject to your account terms and conditions, payments will appear in your account. They ensure your account stays updated by making at least the minimum monthly payment.

How Are My Rewards Calculated?

Receive a 2% reward on purchases made with your MILITARY STAR card, with no return, at participating establishments. Rewards do not apply to purchases made through the Military Apparel Line of Credit. Two percent equals (2) points for every ($1) spent.


The Military Star Card serves customers with military training. Your line of credit allows us to help our members and their families with their purchases, PC, deployment, or retirement. It is only available to US service members, unlike your typical rewards program credit or debit card.

The card offers a line of credit to help with every day and military-specific lifestyle purchases. As a military professional, you can save money with discount offers and earn your rewards using a military card that is a star card.

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