The Marine Corps Exchange encourages responsible credit management and wisely building credit. The Military Star Card meets the credit needs of active, reserve, retirees, and their families. For this reason, no other source of credit available to military personnel and their families today can provide the level of support that the Military Star Card does.Military-Star-Card_ As with any standard bank-issued credit card, you cannot use it everywhere. Acceptable at Army and Air Force Exchange Services malls, food courts, Armed Forces Recreation Center hotels, and online at ShopMyExchange.com and MyNavyExchange.com. A Military Star Card earns contributions to the Military Service Quality of Life Fund, which is not available with bank cards.

The Military Star Card is a credit card reserved for military personnel and their families. Whether on active duty or retired from military service, you are eligible for this card, which offers multiple discounts and supports long-term military community programs. This credit card provides members with reasonable fees and flexible terms that help build or rebuild responsible credit over time.Military-Star-Card-Financing(1)

Military personnel and their families are primarily eligible to apply for the Military Star credit card. It is not available to anyone outside of military societies. You must join the country’s army if you want that credit card. This credit card is helpful for financial needs, including everyday shopping.

The Military Star Card is a personal line of credit offered by the Exchange Credit Service (ECP) and administered by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES). It offers an APR of 10.99, no annual fees, no overage or late fees, and a percentage discount on selected airline services based on currency exchange. You can only use it in the stores listed.

In Fall 2015, Military Star Card and Military Star Rewards MasterCard users received new cards. Unlike previous programs, all new Military Star Card users, not just MasterCard holders, now earn points for every dollar spent at local businesses that accept the card. When users reach 2,000 points, they will receive a $20 gift card.