Frequently Asked Questions

Known as Military Star Cards, they are credit cards issued to service members and their families. You can apply for this card, whether active or retired from the military. As part of this card, you can enjoy various discounts and support long-term community military programs. The Exchange Credit Program (ECP) allows you to use and manage your Military Star credit card from your Exchange account.Military-Star-Card_ Since we discussed Military Star Card enrollment, its app, login and reset information, benefits, rewards and discount offers, and the mobile app, many service members have questions. That’s why we now present the list of questions and answers to read and learn about the Military Star Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Report My Military Star Card Lost Or Stolen?

You must call the Credit Exchange Program Service Center at 1-877-891-7827 (STAR) to report that your card has been lost or stolen. The above number is for Military Star Card members in the United States of America. Members residing outside the United States and holding a Military Star Card may refer to the Contact Us page of the website ( for a list of additional telephone numbers.

Who Offers And Manages The Military Star Card?

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) created, offered, and maintained it.

What Is Military Star Card?

The Marine Corps Exchange encourages responsible credit management and wisely building credit. The Military Star Card offers a range of credit products to meet the credit needs of active duty, reserve, retirees, and their families. In forward locations, the purchase of tactical field exchanges and temporary exchange facilities proved invaluable to military personnel due to acceptance and verification. For this reason, no other source of credit available to military personnel and their families today can provide the level of support that the Military Star Card does.

Why Do I Have To Authenticate My Account When Accessing Online Or Updating Information?

Military Star Card authentication protects your account against fraudulent activity and account theft.